Van Saar Gang Leader by igorvet.jpg
Van Saar Gang Leader By ~igorvet, Deviantart

House Van Saar is renowned for the quality of its technical products. Its technology is no more advanced than that of anyone else, progress being almost non-existent throughout the Imperium, but the House’s manufacturing processes are precise and its finished materials are of the highest quality. The Noble Houses pay a premium for Van Saar goods, and as a result the House is probably the most wealthy in Hive City.

The Van Saar are reputed to be a serious minded and humourless people, with a deeply ingrained sense of order. Like all the Houses of Hive City they have a style of dress which marks them out. In the case of the Van Saar this takes the form of a tight fitting body suit designed to protect and sustain the wearer in the hive environment. Semi-permeable membranes in the suit reduce the loss of body moisture whilst various spots on the material change colour to warn the wearer of airborne toxins and reduced oxygen levels.

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