Necromunda Wiki

Tech Gangs and associations are more common than supposed. Tech often form collectives to protect themselves from exploitation by other groups. From passive protection and defence, such associations often mature into gangs that are as aggressive, in their own fashion, as any other in the hives. Tech gangs have a pool of skills which means that they can often trade for materials from the factory levels. They deal in drugs, chemicals and weapons, trading these goods for interesting technological relics and rare raw materials scavenged from the undercities. Tech gangs are not noted for crude ferocity, but they are widely respected for their expertise with weapons and equipment, ans it is foolish indeed to cross a Tech gang without reason.

Social Group - Techs belong to clans, either forming a distinct group within a large house or forming separate tech houses. Techs form gangs to protect themselves and their business interests.

Territory - Tech gangs protect the workshops, industrial plants ans associated living areas of the tech families that work there.

Ritual - Tech gang members undergo initiation rites which might involve technological implants or advanced forms of tattooing.

Armaments - Techs have access to unusual and technologically advanced weaponry due to their skills and great bargaining power.

Motives - Tech gangs are concerned with the protection of their territory and tech business interests from the predations of envious rivals. There are many who will resort to lawless means to obtain advanced technology. Tech gangs are often hired by Helmawrm noble houses, and other houses for tasks which require their expert technical skills and sophisticated weaponry.