A twisted Scavvy

Gangs of cannibalistic mutants who carve out small kingdoms in the Underhive with the use of scalies, plague zombies, ghouls and Giant rats as well as 'normal' Scavvies and 'mutant' scavvies.  All Scavvies are mutants the only real thing that differentiates between 'normal' and 'mutant' Scavvies is that the mutant Scavwies mutations are often beneficial in some way.   They often utilize only the most basic of weapons, Autoguns and Shotguns can be considered the pinnacle of Scavvie weaponry. 

Due to their lack of effective armaments they often rely on numbers and attrition to win battles.  In an environment where life on the whole is cheap for a normal hive denizen, it is many times worse of your average scavvy.  In lean times a particularly luckless scavvy may find him self the main course for the rest of the gang due to their cannibalistic nature, an enemy gang member what has been captured by a scavvy gang may also share this grizzly fate.

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