Necromunda Wiki

This is a basic list of the kinds of weapons that are found and used on Necromunda, with emphasis of those used in Hive Primus.

Melee Weapons[]

Melee weapons are probably the most common weapons in the Underhive, no Ganger or Imperial subject of Necromunda worth there salt will be without at least a knife. The only people likely to be without a hand weapon of some sort are some slaves and captives who haven’t taken the precaution of procuring a concealed blade. Even pack slaves have carrying claws which can function as serviceable melee weapons should the need be required.

Common Melee Weapons[]

These weapons are commonplace in the Underhive. Your average factory worker or street peddler would never leave their dwelling without some sort of blade or cosh, in-fact they probably wouldn’t even think of sleeping with out some form of defense beneath whatever is servicing as their pillow.


Knives are the single most common weapon found on Necromunda. They can range from highly decorated ceremonial blades, to pieces of sharpened rusted metal used by the scavvies. Some of the more insidious gangs envenom their knives so that even a scratch can lead to the premature demise of all but the most constitutionally robust victim.

Clubs, Mauls, Bludgeons and Axes[]

Chains and Flails[]


Massive Club, Sword, Axe[]

Chain Sword[]


Double-Blade Knife[]

Special Melee Weapons[]

These weapons are generally rare in the Underhive but do turn up in the rare trade bazaars. These items are usually the preserve of Imperial officers and even the Adeptus Astartes. Many of these weapons are crafted in some of the more prestigious factories of the hive for trade off world or use in local law enforcement, Imperial Guard Regiments and the PDF. More often than not such weapons usually find their way in to the market by less than legal means. However it is not uncommon for particularly technologically gifted Gang members to be able to cobble together such weaponry.

Shock / Power Maul[]

Power Sword[]

Power Axe[]

Power Fist[]

Spyrer Melee Weapons[]

Malcadon Wrist Blades[]

Yeld Talons[]

Orrus Power Fists[]

Monomolecular blade[]

Chain Scythe[]

Pit Slave Melee Weapons[]

Buzz Saw[]




Rock Drill[]


Turbo Saws[]

Ranged Weapons[]

Common Pistols[]

Auto Pistol[]

Stub Gun[]

Las Pistol[]

Bolt Pistol[]

Hand Flamer[]

Plasma Pistol[]

Rare Pistols[]

Web Pistol[]

Needle Pistol[]

Primitive Firearms[]



Basic Weapons[]


Autoguns are probably the most commonly used weapon in Imperium outside the millatary. They are relatively easy to mass produce but are not as reliable as las weapons as extra ammo clips need to be carried and there can be problems with minor jams. For this reason it is usually only the PDF and gangs that make extensive use of autoguns.


Lasguns are the most commonly used military grade weapon in the armies of the Imperium. They are relatively easy to mass produce and are reliable.

Bolt Guns[]

Shot Guns[]