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A rough schematic of Hive Primus

Hive Primus (or Hive One; originally Palatine Hive) is the capital of the Necromunda hive world, and the setting for the Necromunda game. The hive is known across Necromunda as the Palatine after the fortified palace of Planetary Governor Lord Helmawr which is located at the top of the hive's spire. It is the largest hive on Necromunda, and is part of the Palatine Cluster, which consists of several hive cities separated by many miles but connected at different levels through a network of travel tubes and through roads across the wastelands.

From ConfrontationEdit

The Palatine

The largest and oldest surviving hive on Necromunda is the dynastic home of Lord Helmawr, Imperial Commander of Necromunda, known across the planet as The Palatine. The cluster it belongs to is known as the Palatine Cluster. The central and tallest spire of the Palatine hive forms the palace of the Imperial Command Lord Helmawr.

The Palatine boasts some of the most grandiose and magnificent architecture on Necromunda, and also has the only shipyard and landing field large enough to take orbital carriers. It is thus the planet's only spaceport, a physical expression of Helmawr's monopoly in offplanet trade. The Fortress monastery of Adeptus Astartes contingent and the headquarters of the Adeptus Arbites on Necromunda are also located in the Palatine Hive.

On the edge of the hive is a special spire set aside for the aliens and abhumans who come to Necromunda from time to time to trade. Both Squats and Eldar are among those visitors and they are housed on separate levels of the spire. The Palatine is thus by far the most cosmopolitan of all the hives on Necromunda.