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House Aranthus (also called the Lost House) was one of the fallen Houses of Necromunda Hive Primus which vanished entirely several centuries ago in the aftermath of an unstoppable plague.

Until several centuries ago House Aranthus ruled over substantial portions of Hive City. Then a plague arrived, thought by many to be the same which left House Escher males shrivelled and imbecilic derelicts through its after effects, decimating House Aranthus' numbers. Sweeping unstoppably through their population it left the survivors struggling on, and they rapidly became under resourced and vulnerable to attacks of all kinds.

The lack of resources caused a spiralling debt which led Lord Helmawr himself to dissolve all their assets and territories. The remaining Aranthus', few in number, were variously dispersed to other Hives or absorbed by marriage, sanctuary or serfdom into the other Houses. Though its ancient haunts remain, the House itself entirely vanished.

Many since the downfall have claimed lineage from the House, and it has remained fashionable to do so from that time to the present as a badge of uniqueness and distinction.

Among Bounty Hunters and members of the Noble Houses the claim is a particularly popular one, and many of them venture to the House's ancient haunts in a pilgrimage like search for fabled remnants of the past.